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This course gives you access to my complimentary no-cost monthly live question and answer sessions, as well as access to recordings of previous sessions.

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Maren Schmidt

Helping families understand and value Montessori education

About this Course

Have questions about your child's progress?

Need advice about using Montessori techniques at home? Or school?




 Join me for this free complimentary monthly question and answer session where I'll answer your questions about child development...the Montessori Way. 


Recordings of previous sessions are available: 

  • Getting Children To Help With Household Chores
  • Freedom Within Limits Of Responsibility 
  • Developing Memory 
  • Attention, Focus And Concentration 
  • The Missing Sixth Sense 
  • Avoiding Sibling Rivalry

Mark your calendars for the second Thursday of each month in 2014.